By : Nella Kurnia Anggrahini

God always had a plan. God Unite us with a beautiful way. In the early our introduction, I am very impressed with you. I am pleased with your attitude. And this is the second I admire someone. Even though you’re not the first, I hope you’re the last.

I am always happy when we meet. Especially when you say hello or wave your hands. I love your smile, because your smile is very sincere. I was amazed by your courage when you came to me and asked for my cell phone number. Libraries and mosques of our college are the place that I will always remember.

I don’t want a lot of hope about this feeling. I just hope we have the same feeling. That same feeling as when I was admiring you, you also admire me or when you are not interested to me then I’m also not interested to you.

But I hope that the feeling it’s our common interest. And I will ask to the owner a feeling. I would ask to Allah because Allah will give us the best answer.
February 27, 2015
Nella K.A ^_^


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